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The human bust as a vehicle to explore the personal and collective dimensions of the subconscious.

Baptiste Ibar’s First UK Solo Show

Curated by Art Barter’s founders Alix Janta & Lauren Jones in association with ViktorWynd Fine Art

"Mirroring symbol of man and the self, Busts engages the viewer in an unexpected architectural and spatial dialectic that merges in a more philosophical alchemy of transient states, where personal and collective are experiences in continuous change"


Untitled lady-saint
Untitled (Ellen)
Untitled (red eyes)
Untitled (chain face)
Aura bust
Untitled (Red beard)
Untitled (Red beard)
Untitled (Brown and red)
Untitled (pink and blue)
Untitled (crow)
Untitled (Bust series #2)
Pink eyes
Untitled (Bust put)
Untitled (Jaguar bust)
Untitled (fearless)
Untitled (old-friend)
Fortune teller (busts)
Untitled (blue scarf)
Untitled (sha-man)
Untitled (Leaf face)
Untitled (purple)
Black panther
Untitled (donkey busts)
Untitled (Mind Busts)
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